World’s Top Futurists Converge...
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World’s Top Futurists Converge on Tellart Amsterdam + Monocle24 Radio + Teaching at Smithsonian

“Why just talk about the future if you can visit it?”

This month we hosted a gathering in Amsterdam with 21 of the world’s top futurists to kick off the 2016 Museum of Future Government project.

“The Museum of the Future is, to my knowledge, the largest scale experiential futures project that’s ever been undertaken, so that’s enormously exciting…The team around this project is irresistibly high level.”
Stuart Candy

The project, which will culminate in an experiential exhibition at the Government Summit in Dubai, supports the vision of the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates: they aspire to have the world’s most effective and inspiring government services, and are exploring opportunities through expositions of life in the future. Both the 2014 and 2015 Museums of Future Government showcased opportunities in healthcare, immigration, education, and government service interactions.

This year, we are diving even deeper into global challenges and possibilities, and are working with experts from a number of fields to embrace Experiential Futures as a design practice.

World renowned futurists Stuart Candy (Situation Lab) and Scott Smith (Changeist) worked closely with Dr. Noah Raford (Advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office) and Tellart to dig out exciting topics for this year’s experiences. Above is a clip of Stuart at the workshop describing the Experiential Futures process.

Click here for information about the 2014 Museum, and here for information about the 2015 Museum.

Matt on Monocle Radio

“Tellart, a design company that looks to make technology usable, interactive, and perhaps most tricky of all, meaningful, in spaces used by the public.”

Matt had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound of Monocle’s radio program, The Monocle Weekly, in a segment entitled “Setting Scenes.” The ten-minute interview aired this past Sunday, and resulted in a great conversation about Tellart’s philosophy in uniting technology and human experiences.

Andrew and Robert had some astute questions about the word “interactive” and what it means today; they solicited some insightful responses from Matt about the company’s background, outlook, and latest work in Dubai.

You can listen below–the conversation with Matt begins at roughly the 11 minute mark.

Cooper Hewitt Workshop

Exploring mechanized drawing as a medium for today’s designers and artists, Tellart’s recent Cooper Hewitt workshop engaged 35 high school students in an exploration of design, technology, and learning.

As part of Cooper Hewitt’s DesignPrep program, Mikhail and Kuan-Ju led the two-session workshop at the Harlem Design Center, prepared with five drawing robots (modeled after the Chrome WebLab Sketchbot) and a fast-paced curriculum covering basic electronics and robotics, elementary coding techniques, and how they can be used to explore design and art.

We enjoyed working with Cooper Hewitt’s team and the students, who were enthusiastic and intelligent participants in the course. We wish them all the best in the school year ahead.