Better With Pets


A high quality of life and pet ownership are becoming increasingly intertwined. Purina has been a world leader in pet nutrition for over 85 years–yet the depth of their scientific research into the pet-human bond remained an untold story. The Better With Pets summit brings these exceptional insights to life, using interactivity to explore the ways that pets and people help each other gain emotional strength and a better quality of life.

The “Reading your Pet” zone allowed users to view a thermal image and heart rate information of both themselves and their pet. This gave purina scientists insight into the emotional state of the pet.

By moving a miniature replica onto a rfid table, users find out how changes in their home environment affects cats.

An interactive touchscreen teaches users about important elements of nutrition elements that impact the health of an ageing pet. As users navigate the table, lights highlight sculptural elements representing a particular nutrient.