Museum of Future Government Services: Visions of the Future

Prime Minister's Office, UAE

How can we collectively shape the future we want? The first annual Museum of Future Government Services was an exquisitely crafted, multi-sensory exhibit at the Government Summit in Dubai which immersed top leaders and policy-makers in a positive vision of future technology-enabled government services. The experience provided fresh inspiration while encouraging visitors to critically and creatively explore how governments can best serve their citizens.

Visitors are given a warm welcome to the Future of Border Control

A Future Border Control body scan taking place.

The Sandtable teaches elementary-school children about the water table. This exhibition was adapted from an open source project by UC Davis, CA.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum interacts with the Future of Education exhibit

The Future of Healthcare is at home - when connected devices and predictive algorithms combine, you can receive daily healthcare recommendations as part of your morning hygiene routine.

A social game where pupils design genetically modified plants and compete in a simulated hostile environment such as a desert.

Players play against each other using custom iPad applications that interface with a shared game environment.

Genetically engineered plants are organically printed using this custom-built "Bio-bot 2000"

Prize-winning genetically modified plants from the Future of Education exhibit.

"Stipagrostis Geometrica", Best desert stabilizing plant, class of 2024.

The city of the future – how technology trajectories of today can build hundreds of smart, data-driven distributed government services.

"Sagr", the personalized artificially intelligent assistant for government service delivery.

Custom-shaped LCD screens with animated event wayfinding.