S7 Imagination Machine

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

How far can you take a dream? Tellart collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to find out – creating the Imagination Machine for S7 Airlines. At a busy Moscow mall, travellers were asked to sit in front of the globe and to choose their dream destination – then control their plane’s flight using only the power of the mind. The prize for touching down with a cool head? A plane ticket to that dream destination.

The game environment, set up in a busy Moscow shopping mall.

Players steer their airplane towards their dream destination – with the power of their mind!

Tellart created a 3d game environment that was projection-mapped onto a specially created 2 meter globe.

The installation generated enormous queues as shoppers tested their determination and composure by focusing on their dream destination. While in the queue, users were trained with the skills to play the game.

To compete, visitors were fitted with an electroencephalogram (EEG) device to detect their brainwaves. These brainwaves are processed and used as input to the game engine.