Tellart specializes in creating interactive objects and immersive environments for product innovation, experiential marketing and informal learning.

All of our projects combine the digital and the physical. Our holistic method assumes that data, software and networks are materials — the behaviors they afford are as important to shaping modern objects as physical form and materials.

  • Creative & Strategic Master Planning

    Identify business and communication objectives, use visual mapping to create a shared understanding of the design strategy, develop actionable project roadmaps.

  • Design & Prototyping

    Model user journeys, research and develop content, produce functioning interactive prototypes to explore form, materials and behaviors. Our offices include filmmaking suites and full workshops for high-fidelity prototyping.

  • Project Leadership

    Act as prime contractor on complex projects, assembling and directing international all-star teams of specialists. Manage all aspects of realisation such as audiovisual vendors, actors’ unions, factories, electrical safety inspections, customs and port authorities.

  • Concept Development

    Research goals and constraints, design and facilitate workshops to develop promising ideas into concepts, communicate proposed solutions with visualisations and experience prototype films.

  • Production & Implementation

    Build custom, impossible elements in Tellart’s workshops using the most advanced materials, tools and manufacturing techniques. For everything else: develop detailed specifications and work with the best builders worldwide.

We lead international projects from research and planning through concept and design, production and deployment. In many projects we use our own custom tools and involve creative and technical partners from our extensive network of specialists.

Our clients are also our creative partners. Together we shape products and experiences that change the way the world thinks and acts.


Experiential marketing, high-tech installations, connected places

Museums & Cultural Institutions

Augmented artefacts, interactive storytelling (interpretation), digital experience, visitor participation, online+onsite visitors

Manufacturers & Service Providers

Extend physical products into multi-touchpoint experiences and extend services into web-connected products; prototyping with data, sensors, networks, electronics, robotics; experiential futures explorations

Interested in collaborating with us? Send us a note: [email protected]