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Explorers, inventors, storytellers

Merging design craft with emerging technology

21st Century Designers

We are an international team of industrial + graphic designers, electronics + software engineers, filmmakers + architects. We work at the boundaries of technology to create transformative experiences in service of humanity, the planet and our future.

Inventing hands-on

Real invention comes not only from discovering human needs and business opportunities, but also from exploring the unique strengths of raw materials. Tellart specializes in turning opaque, intangible technologies into materials for sketching, experimenting and prototyping.

Tellart Culture

Pioneering physical + digital experiences

Since our founding in 2000, we have been part of a core group of design pioneers defining the Internet of Things. We are known for bringing the digital beyond the screen, into the physical objects and spaces around us.

Tellart Culture

Embracing new technologies

Technology is rapidly becoming more complex and opaque. New technologies like machine intelligence, synthetic biology and programmable matter now promise to further disrupt our material culture. We are expanding our R&D into these new areas.

Taking the long view

Tellart is actively working with a council of experts including materials and data scientists, urbanists, futurists and policy makers to collectively anticipate the downstream systemic implications of decisions we make today.

Broadening horizons

We are optimistic that technology—when given form through responsible design—can lead to objects, environments and systems that widen our perceptions and connect us in new ways to nature and to each other.

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Tellart Culture


  • Matt Cottam Founder and CDOChief Design Officer

    Matt Cottam

    As Chief Design Officer, Matt shapes Tellart's strategic direction and creative practice. He is an internationally recognised speaker and professor of design. He is a member of the Core Faculty at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID, Denmark) and was previously an Adjunct Professor at Umeå Institute of Design (UID, Sweden), and a member of the Rhode Island School of Design faculty for ten years (RISD, USA).

    Matt holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Industrial Design degrees from RISD, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Interaction Design from Umeå University. In addition to his design education and practice, Matt has been an Advanced Life Support Paramedic on the United States' federal disaster medical team and National Ski Patrol. He is also an Ocean Yachtmaster (RYA) and Rescue Diver (PADI), and is a member of Royal Ocean Racing Club, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and Sons of the American Revolution. Matt is an avid sailor and has made several trans-Atlantic ocean races.

  • Nick Scappaticci Founder and CEOChief Executive Officer

    Nick Scappaticci

    As Chief Executive Officer, Nick leads Tellart in high-level operational and strategic decisions, while still being involved in details of project development and execution. He is responsible for leading a staff of strategists, designers and technologists, and for creating a cohesive cultural environment for Tellart that enables project and career success.

    Nick studied Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He is currently a member of the Adjunct Faculty at RISD where he teaches interface design and senior studio.

  • Paul Skinner Managing Director

    Paul Skinner

    As Managing Director, Paul works closely with clients, partners, and Tellart's own design and engineering teams. From concept development through to delivery, he ensures projects develop creatively through each stage of the design process. Paul brings to bear many years of experience, and a passion for creativity in technology; his ability to deeply understand business, brand and project strategies informs his work developing creative concepts, and getting knee-deep in code and electronics.

    Paul graduated in 2006 with first class honors in MediaLab Arts, which formed part of i-DAT, the University of Plymouth's lab for creative research, experimentation and innovation across the fields of digital art, science and technology. During this time his main area of inquiry was embodied interaction, and the philosophical teleologies that underpin embodied interaction.

  • Maia Garau Strategy Director

    Maia Garau

    Maia Garau is a design strategist, researcher and educator. She has a background in user research and information design and enjoys transforming complexity into clarity, translating insights into new and improved experiences. She specializes in designing and facilitating fast-paced and highly visual discovery workshops that help business leaders align, make sense of complex information and tell focused, engaging stories to achieve their desired results. At Tellart she works closely with designers from multiple disciplines to define user needs and craft a dynamic yet rigorous approach to ideation and concept development.

    Maia has a BA in comparative literature from Brown University (honors, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), an MSc in virtual environments from the Bartlett School of Architecture (Distinction) and a PhD in computer science from University College London (Finalist, 2004 British Computer Society/Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing Distinguished Dissertation Awards). She is trained as a Montessori Assistant to Infancy (age 0-3) by Association Montessori Internationale.

  • Jack Lenk Production Director

    Jack Lenk

    Working closely with Tellart's team of producers, Jack coordinates the multidisciplinary teams responsible for each project at the company. He has a background in industrial design, visual communication, and two decades of experience in producing narrative and interactive multimedia. Jack is also a seasoned photographer and filmmaker, regularly contributing to Tellart's communication initiatives.

    Jack graduated from the Industrial Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he also pursued studies in Graphic Design and Photography. Jack has taught workshops and courses at RISD, focused on media production and design for civic engagement.

  • Laila Aukee Senior Designer

    Laila Aukee

    As a senior designer at Tellart, Laila works to understand and communicate complex systems through diagramming, mapping, and other documentation tools. She works across a wide variety of client and internal projects in order to better frame project challenges and solutions. With strong analytic and conceptual skills, Laila is also involved with new concept development brainstorms, early project research, interface layouts and inventories, and interpretation of system and software architectures.

    Laila graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied Industrial Design and took courses at Brown and MIT. As a student at RISD, Laila embraced the idea of design with a focus on end user usability, and particularly enjoyed applying that philosophy to the design of intangible interactions for new technologies.

  • Charlie Ledbetter Business Development Lead

    Charlie Ledbetter

    As Business Development Lead, Charlie works closely with Tellart's clients and our internal teams to explore and develop new opportunities. With over four years of experience producing projects at Tellart, his approach to development combines the vision of client ambition with the pragmatism and process needed to deliver results. Charlie also brings a passion for communication and empathy into the design process, believing that the most successful projects are born out of a deep understanding and respect for our clients.

    Charlie's early interest in physics and universal design principles led him to major in Painting at RISD, where he explored design fundamentals and also developed an interest in fabrication and production of artistic objects.

  • Ries Straver Senior Producer

    Ries Straver

    Ries is a Senior Producer and video maker. Having managed some of Tellart's largest and most ambitious projects to date, Ries is a motivational powerhouse. In addition, over the last 15 years Ries has written, produced and directed dozens of independent and commissioned films. This deep knowledge and experience in producing video lends itself naturally to Tellart's multi-sensory projects, where audiovisual production and storytelling are critical.

    Ries holds a bachelor degree from the Design Academy, Eindhoven. His graduation project, which ended up in the San Francisco MoMA, reflected on something he's always been fascinated by: The relationship between man and technology. Prior to joining Tellart, Ries led the video department at Fabrica, Benetton's communication research center.

  • Fernando Diaz Smith Senior Technologist

    Fernando Diaz Smith

    As a senior technologist at Tellart, Fernando works with hardware to construct and actualize clients' visions. Fernando prototypes solutions and effectively implements adjustments and improvements along the way. On Tellart's Research and Development team, he draws upon his design training as well as skills honed in his previous work at Maryann Thompson Architects, Decor Craft, Inc., and as the Art Director for Providence's TEDx 2012 events. His work has been featured in international publications such as Contagious magazine, and in 2011 was featured as part of an installation at Japan Society.

    Fernando is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

  • Sabrina Verhage Technologist

    Sabrina Verhage

    Sabrina designs and develops immersive interactive environments that synthesize architecture with media technology. As a media artist Sabrina has created and exhibited several interactive installations and generative art works. She is particularly interested in integrations of digital technologies into our physical world. Highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on human behavior, she strives to create engaging experiences that enable social interaction and change.

    Sabrina is co-founder of Creative Coding Amsterdam, a monthly meetup for creative coding enthusiasts. She is actively engaged in the creative coding community and frequently visits and volunteers at media art and technology events throughout Europe.

    Sabrina earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Delft University of Technology, after which she spent a year in Los Angeles pursuing MediaSCAPES at Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). After this introduction to emerging relationships within technology, media and architecture, she moved her focus from architecture towards interactive environments, and she achieved her Master's Degree in Media Technology at Leiden University, combining creativity and technology with scientific research.

  • Luca Zander Communications Strategist

    Luca Zander

    As Tellart's Communications Strategist, Luca oversees all internal and external communications, ensuring Tellart's messaging is consistent and engaging. By leveraging his skills in spatial, industrial and graphic design, moving image design and video production, Luca is also responsible for creating content for Tellart’s communication initiatives. A creative technologist by training, Luca has broad experience developing interactive applications. He was born and raised in Germany and currently lives in Amsterdam.

    Luca received his Bachelor's degree in Creative Technology from the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands. His minor in Industrial Design focused on the interaction between humans and their physical world.

  • Bjørn Karmann Technologist

    Bjørn Karmann

    As a Technologist at Tellart, Bjørn combines his curiosity for new and emerging technologies with his love for physical and human interactions. Bjørn is an open-source maker and hacker at heart whose work manifests between physical and virtual space. With experience in design, production, robotics and physical computing, he works across multiple stages in Tellart's projects. He describes his passion as finding a balance between nature and technology, whether it is making drawing machines, designing typefaces or creating more humanistic technologies.

    Bjørn is from Denmark and holds a Master's Degree in Interaction Design from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and a Bachelor's degree in Communication design from Kolding Design School, shaping his Scandinavian aesthetics. Graduating from CIID with highest honor, his graduation project has won multiple awards and pushed the thinking of machine learning as a means of prototyping and enriching spatial interaction.

  • Stefano Erba Designer

    Stefano Erba

    Stefano specializes in translating stories and experience concepts into spatial form. He approaches physical and digital interiors as complex, emergent systems in which people, objects and spaces influence each other dynamically. Using animation, 3D modeling and parametric design he brings to life places that don't yet exist and are difficult to imagine or describe—often because they are set in the future or push the boundaries of technology in new and unexpected ways.

    Stefano holds a Bachelor's degree in Product Design from Brera Academy and a Master's in Interior Design from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Milan. His thesis project, Perceptive Machines, was shown at the Salone del Mobile Milano in 2018. Working with Alessandro Guerriero of Alchimia studio, Stefano also contributed to the O'collection installation, shown at the Fuori Salone del Mobile Milano in 2016.

  • Lukas ValiaugaDesigner

    Lukas Valiauga

    Whether it’s measuring the blue of the sky or designing objects that talk, Lukas’ work focuses on exploring how we use technology to interact with the world around us. Drawing from his broad experience in interactive media, Lukas works to find unique ways to tell a story, provoke users or bring new and exciting functions to everyday life.

    At Tellart Lukas works throughout the project lifecycle to formulate and interpret concepts, iterate forms and give shape to new experiences. He combines a principled approach to design with a broad skill set, ranging across everything from sketching to coding.

    Lukas holds a Bachelor's degree in Design from Goldsmiths, University of London. Before graduating, Lukas was already listed among British Council’s 'Ones to Watch’, an annual pick of promising young designers. Since then, Lukas produced work that has been exhibited in Venice, Milan, Istanbul, and Vilnius.

  • Martinique Kamphuis Studio Mgr. (A)Manager (AMS)

    Martinique Kamphuis

    As Studio Manager, Martinique ensures that Tellart's Amsterdam office runs like a well-oiled machine. Martinique oversees financial management and logistics for the studio, and supports the Tellart team in their day to day activities. Martinique has lived in Amsterdam, Taipei and Munich, and loves the international team and culture of Tellart.

    Martinique was involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures before joining Tellart. Most recently she founded and ran Landladies, a concierge business for Airbnb. Prior to this she established and managed operations for a property investment company and managed the production of large events for a major brewery in Amsterdam.

  • Devon Greenbaum Studio Mgr. (P)Manager (PVD)

    Devon Greenbaum

    As Studio Manager, Devon nurtures a sense of community among the Providence team. She provides financial, logistical, and organizational support for Tellart's executive operations team, in addition to implementing feedback-driven initiatives to improve organizational systems and operations at large. With a background in innovation and education, she enjoys contributing to Tellart's creative environment. In addition to her studio work, Devon mentors aspiring young artists, providing coaching, organizational support and portfolio consultations.

    Devon Holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts, where she explored performance and installation-based art as well as costume design. She has continued her professional, arts, and technology studies at RISD, MassArt and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

  • Brian Hinch Production Consultant

    Brian Hinch

    As Production Consultant, Brian contributes to complex production projects at many different stages, from planning, through concept development and design, to implementation and deployment. Brian believes deeply in the value of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and that by constantly reconsidering the design of the design process itself we will see more genuinely beneficial things in the world. Brian combines formal training at Rhode Island School of Design with years building software and hardware—internally and for clients—and loves systems that are meaningful, extensible, and sustainable.

    Brian graduated from the Graphic Design department of the Rhode Island School of Design, and has taught or led many courses and workshops at institutions and conferences internationally.

  • Zaza Zuilhof Senior Design Consultant

    Zaza Zuilhof

    As Senior Design Consultant, Zaza works closely with Tellart's internal team, to give form to strategies, installations and exhibitions. Building on a background in industrial and interaction design Zaza is a hybrid working across the digital and physical, virtual and real. In an age where information is so accessible, but filtering, assessing and sense making is so hard, she is particularly passionate about new formats for storytelling and informal education.

    Zaza holds a Masters from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and a Bachelors in Industrial Design from the Technical University of Eindhoven. She regularly speaks and leads workshops at institutions and conferences internationally.


We have been awarded numerous top international prizes for our work including the SXSW Experimental Award, Cannes Lions, Webby, Core77, D&AD Yellow Pencil and our work is featured in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Design Museum.

In 2016, Tellart was honored with the National Design Award in Interaction Design, Smithsonian Museum's top national honor for outstanding achievement in design through excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.

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