Experiences that build empathy at the intersection of 
nature, culture, and technology.


For over 20 years we have helped our clients imagine the future and inspire their audiences in new ways. We create work at all scales, from things you can cup in your hands to worlds you can step into.

Educational exhibitions
Expo pavilions
Interactive installations
Experience centers
Branded Experiences

Escape rooms
Networked games for kids
New product + service concepts

Tellart means “the art of telling.” Our goal is to continually invent new ways of speaking to the senses, creating moments that people can't help but remember.


Industrial + graphic designers
Hardware + software engineers
Researchers + writers
Filmmakers + architects

Meet the team

We meet you whereever your are..

Blank page | wild idea | inkling | scrap of technology | concepting | prototyping |
implementation at global scale, with millions of people


Our playground


Our goal is to continually invent new ways of engaging people with stories that matter.

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