Our shared philosophy at Tellart is life centric—our work is not just in service of humans, but of all living things. We create new forms of experience in order to open perspectives and expand imaginations. We do this by continually experimenting with emerging technologies to explore what is “newly possible.” Our goal is to create empathy between people, nature and even machines—because we have much to learn from these other intelligences and because our futures are intertwined.

Hands-on research
We continually push ourselves to imagine and communicate new possibilities through our work. We believe that real invention is sparked not just by human needs and business opportunities, but also by discovering the unique strengths of raw materials. 

We treat emerging technologies like machine learning and advanced robotics as materials, conducting our own experiments in the workshop to understand their inherent qualities and what they make newly possible. 

Design Nonfiction

Transformations in design practice between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence.

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Project Panacea: Improving Social Distance

Within two months of lockdown, we created a series of seven product concepts and released them as lighthearted low-fidelity prototypes. 

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Technology Experiments

Tellart has been experimenting with emerging technology since 2000.

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