Founded in 2000, Tellart is an Experience Design studio that uniquely combines future foresight, design craft and emerging technology to create new ways for people to explore, understand and enjoy our world.

We are a global team of strategists, architects, industrial and graphic designers, electronics and software engineers, writers and filmmakers.

We believe that real invention is sparked not just by human needs and business opportunities, but also by discovering the unique strengths of raw materials. We treat emerging technologies as materials, conducting our own R&D to understand their inherent qualities and what they make newly possible.


For 20 years we have worked to transform digital technologies into visible, tangible materials in our prototyping workshops. Today we are layering in a new wave of technologies including artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and advanced robotics. These have the potential to become not just sophisticated materials and tools, but active “partners” in the design process that can inspire us to work in new ways and create new forms of cultural experience.


As technology becomes more complex and opaque, we feel a calling as designers to give individuals and organisations an imagination for the future and how we can live better together. Our goal as a team is to create work that is forward-looking in its form as well as its social, environmental and cultural impact.

As an independently owned studio, we are driven to partner with clients in multiple industries whose work brings meaningful and positive change to the world.

We take on projects at the highest level of difficulty that challenge us to grow and push the boundaries of our discipline.

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As Principal Designer, Matt shapes Tellart's strategic direction and creative practice. He is an internationally recognised speaker and professor of design. He is a member of the Core Faculty at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID, Denmark) and was previously an Adjunct Professor at Umeå Institute of Design (UID, Sweden), and a member of the Rhode Island School of Design faculty for ten years (RISD, USA).

Matt holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Industrial Design degrees from RISD, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Interaction Design from Umeå University. In addition to his design education and practice, Matt has been an Advanced Life Support Paramedic on the United States' federal disaster medical team and National Ski Patrol. He is also an Ocean Yachtmaster (RYA) and Rescue Diver (PADI), and is a member of Royal Ocean Racing Club, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and Sons of the American Revolution. Matt is an avid sailor and has made several trans-Atlantic ocean races.


As CEO, Paul works closely with clients, partners, and Tellart’s own design and engineering teams. From concept development through to delivery, he ensures projects develop creatively through each stage of the design process. Paul brings to bear many years of experience, and a passion for creativity in technology; his ability to deeply understand business, brand and project strategies informs his work developing creative concepts, and getting knee-deep in code and electronics.

Paul graduated in 2006 with first class honors in MediaLab Arts, which formed part of i-DAT, the University of Plymouth's lab for creative research, experimentation and innovation across the fields of digital art, science and technology. During this time his main area of inquiry was embodied interaction, and the philosophical teleologies that underpin embodied interaction.


As Strategy Director, Maia helps to define what each project needs to communicate, and why. Her core focus is on finding the heart of the story and working closely with the team to interpret this into meaningful form and experience. She has a background in user research and information design, and is passionate about turning complex data into clear insights that spark our collective imagination for the future.

Maia has a BA in comparative literature from Brown University (honors, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), an MSc in virtual environments from the Bartlett School of Architecture (Distinction) and a PhD in computer science from University College London (Finalist, 2004 British Computer Society/Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing Distinguished Dissertation Awards). She is trained as a Montessori Assistant to Infancy (age 0-3) by Association Montessori Internationale.


As Head of Production at Tellart, Ries combines his deep knowledge of the design and media production pipeline with his unstoppable drive to bring ideas to life. Having managed some of Tellart's largest and most ambitious projects to date, he is a motivational powerhouse. In addition, over the last 20 years Ries has written, produced and directed dozens of independent and commissioned films. This passion and affinity for filmmaking lends itself naturally to Tellart's multi-sensory projects, where audiovisual production and storytelling are critical.

Ries holds a bachelor degree from the Design Academy, Eindhoven. His graduation project, which ended up in the San Francisco MoMA, reflected on something he's always been fascinated by: The relationship between man and technology. Prior to joining Tellart, Ries led the video department at Fabrica, Benetton's communication research center.


Sabrina designs and develops immersive interactive environments that synthesize architecture with media technology. As a media artist Sabrina has created and exhibited several interactive installations and generative artworks. She is particularly interested in integrations of digital technologies into our physical world. Highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on human behavior, she strives to create engaging experiences that enable social interaction and change.

Sabrina is co-founder of Creative Coding Amsterdam, a monthly meetup for creative coding enthusiasts. She is actively engaged in the creative coding community and frequently visits and volunteers at media art and technology events throughout Europe.

Sabrina earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Delft University of Technology, after which she spent a year in Los Angeles pursuing MediaSCAPES at Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). After this introduction to emerging relationships within technology, media and architecture, she moved her focus from architecture towards interactive environments, and she achieved her Master’s Degree in Media Technology at Leiden University, combining creativity and technology with scientific research.


Trained as an architect and pioneering the immersive experience industry, Pim is an award-winning experience designer and entrepreneur from The Netherlands. Pim teaches workshops around the world from design thinking to designing regenerative rituals. Pim wants to re-enchant the world and through experience design, show how magical the mundane can be.

Pim holds a master in Architecture from Delft University of Technology. In addition to his education Pim plays the cello, finds inspiration in nature with outdoor climbing and keeps calm through his meditation practice. From a royal design for the Dutch king, to immersive experiences in San Francisco Pioneering in immersive experiences since 2013 Pim worked with partners like Rijksmuseum, The Social Hub, Heinz, JDE, Adyen and Google to create unique immersive brand experiences. Founder of the award winning Sherlocked Escape Rooms (2014) (#1 in Amsterdam). Founder of Uncover Lab Amsterdam (2012). Recipient of Dutch Game Award (2017). Founder of Architecting Curiosity (2022)


With extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the creative industry, Tristan leads the Creative Business Development at Tellart with a holistic approach. Bringing together diverse stakeholders around innovative and often groundbreaking projects by connecting all relevant viewpoints and challenging assumptions. 

Having founded several companies, Tristan knows what it takes to create the right conditions for an initial seed of inspiration to grow to its full potential. With a background in classical music and jazz his sensitivity and playfulness guide him in his approach to relationships and projects, resulting in long term and often unexpected relationships. 

Pioneering in immersive experiences since 2013, Tristan worked as a Creative Business Developer with partners like Microsoft, Rijksmuseum, Google and Adyen to create unique immersive brand experiences. 
Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude) Royal Conservatory The Hague (2010) 
Founder and Artistic Director of Hotel Wonderland - Immersive Theatre (2020) 
Founder Diorama At Home Mysteries (2019)
Founder Sherlocked Escape Rooms (2014) (#1 in Amsterdam)
Recipient of Dutch Game Award (2017)                       
Recipient of SPIN award for AR experience (2018)


As the Finance Manager at Tellart, Sophie oversees finance and accounting operations, guiding strategic financial decisions. With a career spanning Canada, the US, Sophie has worked in tech start-ups, healthcare, sports and entertainment and venture capital. Sophie draws on her extensive experience by optimising processes with creative solutions.

Specialising in small to medium-sized companies, Sophie fosters growth, streamlines reporting, and enhances financial forecasting. Committed to Tellart’s ethos of positive impact, she’s proud to work for a company focusing on improving the world we live in.

Sophie is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada) and graduated with high honors with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting from Concordia University in Montreal. She also earned the Certified Public Accountant designation in Boston Massachusetts (US).


Jess leads the marketing and communications, shining a light on the power of designed experiences and Tellart's creative work. For seven years, she’s worked across design, art, architecture, luxury drinks, wellness and tech.

Jess advocates for design with a positive impact on climate action and social justice, looking at how to solve the pressing problems of today to shape a better tomorrow. Besides work, she writes, visits exhibitions and takes trips to discover new places.

Jess holds an MA in Design, Culture and Society from Leiden University and a first-class BA hons in History of Art from the University of Warwick.

Jess's specialisation in the role of science in design won her an award for her thesis and led her to lead the art, design, science, tech collective and editorial platform Unbore.


Geert Jan Eissens is a highly experienced HR Manager and lawyer with over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries from food safety and pharmaceutical to hospitality and tourism. He specialises in employment law, organisational development, business transition management, and industrial relations. A practical labour lawyer Geert Jan has extensive leadership experience, with a strong knowledge in risk management and supporting executive teams.

Master in Law from Utrecht University, Master in Change Management from SEOO, Bachelor's degree in Human Relations.


As Senior Producer at Tellart, Luca leads the production and project management of large-scale international projects, guiding them from inception to completion. Leveraging a background as a creative technologist and designer, Luca guides teams in seamlessly integrating technology, interactivity and design, ensuring projects meet the highest creative standards while remaining on schedule and within budget.

Luca earned a Bachelor of Science in Creative Technology with a minor in Industrial Design from the University of Twente.

Anneloes bakker

As a producer at Tellart, Anneloes’s enjoys supporting creative teams to do what they do best with her innate proactive and organisation skills. She is passionate about working on projects that have a positive impact on the world and Tellart’s immersive installations tie into her fascination of the emotive power that art and design hold and how they can affect the world. 

Before joining the Tellart team, Anneloes worked in fashion & advertising, leading casting and production for photographers like Carlijn Jacobs. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and has worked on initiatives striving for a more inclusive industry.

BA Art History - University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL (2011)
Cambridge English Proficiency - BLTC, Amsterdam, NL (2020)
Subtitling  - InVision Ondertiteling BV (2020)


With an education in design and a career in project management and production, Quentin’s background has allowed him to shape a unique perspective on how to approach, guide, create, and realize projects to their highest potential. He brings a combination of skills to the table and supports Tellart in realizing projects end-to-end, from strategic communication to experiential and immersive installations.

Quentin has worked with clients ranging from renowned artists, designers, and art directors across a spectrum of media, leaning on his ability to speak both creative and production languages.

Quentin holds a BA degree Graphic Design, HKU Utrecht and a Degree in Industrial Design, Frieslandcollege 

Dirk Bertels

Dirk is an experienced design lead with an award-winning history of working in the museum and cultural sector. He is an arts and design professional skilled in concept design and art direction but is rooted in practical experience in creating multimedia, immersive environments, and user interface design. Dirk believes that strong narratives, based on meaningful messages, and interdisciplinary teamwork are vital in creating unforgettable experiences. 

Dirk was a teacher and researcher in Behavioral Design and Immersive Environments at the University of Applied Sciences. Before working at Tellart, Dirk co-founded and led the design team at Studio Louter. There he has worked for the National Museum of Qatar, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, NEMO, Hermitage Amsterdam, National Museum of World Cultures, Pro-demos, and others.

MsC Social Computer Science, University of Amsterdam


As a Strategic Designer, Lucas leverages his expertise in research, strategy, and design to create immersive exhibitions and installations that provoke reflection and inspire change. Passionate about using design as a storytelling tool, he transforms complex topics into clear, actionable insights that resonate with diverse audiences. Lucas aims to ensure that each project informs and motivates engagement.

Lucas holds a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Honours) from Amsterdam University College and two Master's degrees: one in Metropolitan Analysis, Design, and Engineering from the TU Delft and Wageningen UR, and another in City & Technology from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. As an exchange student, he also studied at the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.


As a designer and 3D visualizer at Tellart, Rick contributes to the design process with a wide range of modeling, visualisation, and rendering techniques, which lead to transformative ways of storytelling. In his work Rick strives for the translation of concepts into the visual and for telling more comprehensible and human stories through visual media. As Tellart’s visualizer, he has created a variety of works that illustrate complex ideas, concepts, and stories and bring them to life.

In addition to working in the visual field, Rick works as a DJ under the alias Jumelage. He has a great passion for avant- garde music with a focus on grooves from the nu-disco and underground house scene.

Rick holds a MFA in Interior Architecture; Research + Design, Piet Zwart Institute and a BSc in Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven.


Benal is a multidisciplinary designer with experience across industrial design, design strategy, UX/UI, tangible user interfaces, and speculative design. This combination of skills provides Benal the opportunity to design and communicate across disciplines in all types of projects and clients. As a designer at Tellart, Benal brings these skills together to shape different parts of each project, whether it be defining the guest experience of an installation or identifying the right aesthetic finishes for a space. She is always exploring the intersection between traditional craft and emerging technology through her personal and professional projects.

Benal is Turkish-American and split her time growing up between Istanbul and Boston. She holds a Bachelor’s in Design from Carnegie Mellon University, after which she spent time as a UX designer and strategist. She received her Master’s in Design from the University of California, Berkeley where she found her passion for the intersection between tangible media, technology, and speculative futures.


Lorena is a curious and multitalented designer. At Tellart, she develops digital experiences combined with physical components. Lorena approaches each project with a fearless attitude towards failure, using iterative processes to find the best solutions. Her empathetic nature allows her to go above and beyond the typical design process, making her an invaluable asset to the team. Her natural talent for human-centred design guides her team towards a shared vision, resulting in valuable contributions to the design process.

When she’s not busy prototyping in the lab, exploring software or printing with the Risograph, you can find Lorena collecting and listening to vinyl. She is also passionate about collaborative research, speculative design, and creative coding.

Lorena holds an Msc in Digital Design from the Hogeschool Van Amsterdam and a BSc degree in Design and Visual Communication from the Polytechnic of Turin. She led a team of graduates from the Master Digital Design to present work in the 2022 edition of the Dutch Design Week. Their work “A Visit to Emma” was a piece of climate change fiction in the form of an immersive environment where visitors could experience first-hand the effects of climate change as assessed by current science.


As a designer, Lieke is driven by a passion for enhancing human connection through thoughtful design. With a deep-rooted interest in communication, she involves users in the design process to ensure solutions with real-world value, creating experiences which foster meaningful interactions rather than contribute to individualization.

Lieke's background in visual communications, particularly through photography, informs her approach to creating designs that tell compelling stories and evoke emotions. Lieke envisions a future where design and technology improve the way we live. Her work at Tellart reflects this vision, striving to design with empathy and a deep appreciation for human connections.

Lieke holds a BSc and a Msc degree in Industrial Design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. She has run her own company as a photographer and worked in a coordinator role at 3x3 Unites, where she focused on community building.


As Creative Director, Selena works holistically on strategic planning and concept development. She is obsessed with disruptive technology, storytelling and emergent behaviors in service of making positive change in the world. She has now turned her attention to Experience Design after generating iconic and category-changing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands at the best Ad agencies in the world. She works nomadically between Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

Selena is Australian and holds a BA(Design) from Curtin University. She was headhunted to London, which started a highly awarded 13-year journey at Wieden+Kennedy, Fallon and Clemenger BBDO. She has picked up Cannes Lion, D&AD and One Show awards. She complements her professional work with continuing research into the future of brands and has a conceptual art practice involving sculpture, films and immersive installations.


As the Director of Media Production at Tellart’s sister company Tellart Productions, Ollie manages a global team of producers, business affairs professionals, and production partners. Ollie oversees a wide array of projects ranging from elaborate international film, photo, or animation installations to sensory-rich immersive experiences. Notably, Ollie spearheaded the production of Tellart's two landmark projects, Expo and COP28, setting new benchmarks in creativity and execution. With his track record of success and dedication to excellence, he's a leader in the ever-changing world of media, installations and entertainment.

Ollie’s career started at the media giants National Geographic and Discovery Channel, launching Discovery Channel in the Middle East while working on documentaries across the globe aired in 120 countries. Over the years, Ollie worked with industry-leading agencies Wieden + Kennedy, Anomaly, DDB and Clemenger BBDO on successful global campaigns for EA Games, PlayStation, Nike, Google, and Heineken and more. Ollie also served as the Managing Director of Glassworks in Amsterdam, an award-winning boutique VFX and emerging technology company.

Ollie's academic background has a solid foundation of business and finance, having earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from prestigious institutions such as Babson College in the USA and UMIST in the UK.


Cristina is an Interior Architect and Creative Director with nearly two decades of international experience in delivering award-winning experiential and exhibition design projects globally. She founded her own design consultancy, CS+CO, in 2016, after working for leading companies such as Casson Mann, Christie's, EMBT, Metaphor, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and Studioilse. Her clients include renowned firms 59 Productions, Bompas & Parr, Design Bridge & Partners, Met Studio, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Science Museum Group, and Squint/Opera. Cristina believes in design's transformative power to create engaging, inclusive, and sustainable solutions tailored to each project's unique needs and values, empowering people and bring communities together.

Cristina is British-Italian and holds a BSc (Hons) in Interior Architecture and an MSc (Hons) in Exhibition Design from Polytechnic University of Milan. She was an Associate Lecturer at the MA in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, UAL, a mentor for Women in Architecture and a Royal Society of Arts Fellow. Currently, she is a Visiting Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Milan and collaborates with All in Awe, a global network of creative professionals partnering with charities and non-profits.

Kirsty – 1

With a background in creative and festival production, project management and music, Kirsty brings a wide range of diverse skills to the Tellart team.  Producing Funding Markets for major international immersive and linear film festivals gives her a unique perspective of the practical, business, strategic and creative elements required to bring a project to life.  She is driven by organising projects in a people focused way and by the intersection of creative content and technology. 

Kirsty holds a BA in Classical Music Performance from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music A keen traveler, she has lived and worked in Australia, the UK, the US and Japan but calls Amsterdam home.


Anya is a talented Creative Producer with an extensive background in VFX, animation, design and post-production. With nearly 20 years experience in short and long-form content production, Anya has managed studios and worked on award-winning global advertising campaigns for the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas and Samsung, to name a few. 

Originally from Sydney in Australia, Anya has a deep passion for the creative process and is adept at bridging the gap between translating complex creative strategy and ideas into award-winning beautiful imagery and experiences. 

Anya holds a First Class BA Hons in Electronic Temporal Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. 


As Strategy Director, Stuart is responsible for defining what each project needs to do to accomplish its aim. 
His key focus is exposing the unseen obvious and universal and helping to shepherd the design team conceptualise and make experiences which bring this to life in novel and touching ways. 

Stuart has a background in brand strategy, creative direction and even helped found a fintech start-up. Big into media and systems theory, theology, cultural anthropology, embodiment and psychology, Stuart loves to work holistically and integrate traditionally separate disciplines into harmonious and beautiful experiences.

Stuart has a BA in Economics from Lancaster University, and, in his two decade career has worked for several of the world’s leading creative agencies. Wieden + Kennedy (London and Amsterdam) as Global Strategy Director for both Coca-Cola and Heineken respectively, for whom he won a Cannes Grand Prix for Effectiveness. He served as founding member and Associate Creative Director for Beats by Dre’s global communications of R/GA Los Angeles. He’s been a consultant for Dutch sustainable trade NGO, IDH and he’s worked as a Strategy and Creative Consultant for the BBC. He’s also managed music artists, written songs, produced his own music, performed at Edinburgh Fringe in an award winning piece of immersive theatre and 


Monika Seyfried is a strategist and a design researcher. She works across the disciplines of science, ethics and futures. Her research focuses on how living systems and the natural world can help us to establish new perspectives on the future of technology and ecosystems. She is the founder of Grow Your Own Cloud project which specialises in biological data storage.

Monika's interests lie in building purpose driven innovation that focuses on care. Monika is deeply passionate about empowering female-led leadership initiatives fostering both economic and cultural growth. Previously she worked as a researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Her client portfolio spans from UN, Ginkgo Bioworks, ECCO and LVMH.

Monika’s contributions have earned her the prestigious title of 'Science Breakthrough of the Year,’ awarded by the Falling Walls Foundation. She is also the recipient of the United Nations Unite Ideas Award and the S+T+ARTS Prize by Ars Electronica. Her work has garnered recognition from influential organizations including the World Economic Forum, the World Government Summit and was featured in the TEDx program.


As a Senior Technologist at Tellart, Fernando works with hardware to construct and actualize clients’ visions. Fernando prototypes solutions and effectively implements adjustments and improvements along the way. On Tellart’s Research and Development team, he draws upon his design training as well as skills honed in his previous work at Maryann Thompson Architects, Decor Craft, Inc., and as the Art Director for Providence’s TEDx 2012 events. His work has been featured in international publications such as Contagious magazine, and in 2011 was featured as part of an installation at Japan Society.

Fernando is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Simon works to understand the behaviors and motivations of people in any context or culture in order to formulate strategy and concepts. He strives to design services and experiences that meet real human needs and have deep emotional resonance. Simon unites a pragmatic human-centered design and business perspective coupled with a communication focus in order to find and articulate the “why” in any situation. Before joining Tellart, Simon led design projects, training, and research in over 20 countries. He specializes in cross-cultural design research, strategy, creative workshops, and written and verbal communication.

Simon is from Vienna and brings a background in sociology (cum laude) from Columbia University and in interaction design (with honors) from CIID to projects in environments such as prisons, isolated rural communities, government offices, and venture capital boardrooms. He thrives when translating across disciplines and cultural lines, working within a diverse team, carving spoons out of found wood, and reading about medieval travelers.


Robert is passionate about merging creativity with technology to craft immersive experiences that captivate and engage audiences. Fascinated by the evolving relationship between humans and machines, Robert strives to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling. As a generalist, Robert is always on the lookout to connect new software and technologies together, seeking innovative ways to enhance the user experience and push the boundaries of what's possible in multimedia design.

Robert is a student of Communication & Multimedia Design at Hogeschool Utrecht. Alongside his studies, he followed the minor in Immersive Environments, diving deeper into the creation of captivating interactive spaces. Additionally, Robert specialized in Creative Business, which culminated in the founding of his first startup, Zuivere Kost.



Sem is a designer fueled by curiosity, always eager to learn new skills and experiment with emerging technologies. With a background in industrial design, creative coding, and music production, he hopes to bring a unique perspective to the table, combining technology and creativity. Intrigued by our ever changing relationship with our own inventions, Sem aims to use design to spark meaningful discussions and to challenge preconceived notions.

Sem is a graduate student studying Design for Interaction at the TU Delft, holds a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering from the TU Delft and has a degree in music production from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.



We have been awarded numerous top international prizes for our work including the SXSW Experimental Award, Cannes Lions, Webby, Core77, D&AD Yellow Pencil and our work is featured in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Design Museum.


In 2016, Tellart was honored with the National Design Award in Interaction Design, Smithsonian Museum's top national honor for outstanding achievement in design through excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.


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