We are delighted to introduce the winning concept for the Netherlands pavilion at Expo 2025, Osaka.

Designed by RAU, Tellart, DGMR and Asanuma, the theme of the Netherlands’ participation is ‘Common Ground: creating a new dawn together’. The contribution introduces new technologies that will use water power to generate zero-emission energy, making energy more accessible to everyone. The rising sun in the pavilion’s design symbolises unlimited clean energy, and the pavilion itself is also completely circular. 

As the pavilion has water as its theme, this is reflected in the design of the facade, the roof and the
fact that we consider water as emission-free energy. The entire pavilion is designed to be
reassembled and is circular. All materials are registered in a material passport on the Madaster
Platform. Inside, guests take an interactive journey that builds to an immersive show that brings these
transformative ideas to life.

Expo 2025 Osaka centres around the challenges facing a world where major crises relating to matters
such as climate change and health will determine our quality of life. These cross-border challenges
require international cooperation. The Netherlands Pavilion is therefore intended as a place that
brings together different perspectives and expertise to create joint solutions.

Read the press release here.

Check the press release here: