Eighteen Students, Eighteen Robo...
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Eighteen Students, Eighteen Robots

This semester Mikhail and Kuan-Ju will be instructing eighteen students—and at least as many robots—in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Industrial Design department.

Mikhail and Kuan-Ju recently kicked off their “Drawing Machines” course. This semester they’ll be instructing eighteen students–and at least as many robots–in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Industrial Design department.

“We will take basic concepts of drawing, and extrude them into a world of storytelling and interaction design, through mechanical actuation and control.”

To get the students started, they laser cut eighteen cardboard robots, which were assembled by the students on their first day. The students will begin their exploration with these basic machines, and by the end of the semester, will have crafted their own working explorations of a drawing machine’s inputs, processing, and outputs.

Stay tuned for more documentation as the course progresses.

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Year’s Most Inventive Campaigns

AdWeek’s Project Isaac Award jury recently honored the S7 Imagination Machine as winner of the “Creative” award in Marketing and Advertising. Big congratulations as well to our partners, W+K Amsterdam! The Imagination Machine and other winners are announced here: Year’s Most Inventive Marketing, Media and Digital Campaigns, Honored by Project Isaac: 2015’s class of genius creations

The Imagination Machine was also shortlisted for a Clio Awards in the Events category.

Congratulations to the team and to our partners, W+K Amsterdam!

Andrew @ Service Design Global Conference

October 4th, 2015 | New York City, NY USA
Andrew will be speaking at the Service Design Global Conference in October. His talk, entitled “Prototyping for Policy,” will discuss Tellart’s recent work with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office in imagining and prototyping the future of government services.

Push Conference

Paul @ Push Conference

October 23rd, 2015 | Munich, Germany
Paul will be speaking at the Push Conference in Munich about speculative design and the creation of resulting live interactive experiences.

Things Con

Matt @ ThingsCon

December 4th, 2015 | Amsterdam, NL
Matt will be speaking at the ThingsCon in Amsterdam in December, a conference focused on “inspiration and insight on the new developments in the design and making of new products.”


Matt @ London Design Week

Last week, Matt was in London for London Design Week, and participated in a panel discussion called Techable Talk at Second Home.

Image: Picture via Alexandra Baldock ‏@alexbaldockarts

Mikhail @ Brown/RISD Symposium

Mikhail participated in a panel called “The Work of Art in the Age of Code” at the a Brown/RISD symposium entitled “Investigations of the Virtual and Material Lives of Objects.

Image: Cornelis Cort, The Practice of the Visual Arts (detail), 1578 (engraved 1573). Georgianna Sayles Aldrich Fund

Fernando Teaching at Beacon Charter

Fernando is teaching an after school program for twelve students at Beacon Charter School in Woonsocket. He’ll be introducing them to the concept of coding, the history of the internet, and the basics of HTML/CSS/JS.