At Cadillac House, New York, NY

Exploring the metaphysical lines between art, artist, value, and the digital/material dichotomy, AUTOPORTRAIT addressed notions of intrinsic soulfulness and meanings that may lie behind artworks created by the hand of a robot.


AUTOPORTRAIT was a collaboration with publishing house Visionaire and debuted at Cadillac House in October 2016. The exhibition introduced visitors to robotic artist ADA0002.  As audiences arrived to examine ADA’s processes , her Advanced Drawing Automation returned examination, selecting certain facial accents to highlight during the creation of the viewer’s portrait. Using image processing algorithms, ADA stylistically synthesized the image of its audience, transforming the viewer from a tangible being into processed computer data and back into a unique physical artwork for the viewer to take home.


During the design process ADA physically mimicked and synthesized the behavior of an organic, sentient personality, while also synthesizing the images of the sentient subject. Similar to that of a traditional portraitist may gesturally attempt to elucidate for his or her viewer, ADA attempted to derive the essence of the her subject as well. The robot-whose name references the self-described “poetical scientist, analyst, and metaphysician Ada Lovelace (1815-1852),  a technological pioneer considered the world’s first computer programmer- thus acted as a pioneer of new concepts of robotic artistry. Through its inaugural solo gallery show, AUTOPORTRAIT, attempted to muse upon this notion, of a blurring of the line between human and machine intelligence, and the potential consequences in the field of art.