Deep Future: Star Charts for the Next Hundred Thousand Years

At Droog, Amsterdam

Imagine standing on the North Pole looking up at the night sky on New Year’s Eve this year, and every ten thousand years, for the next hundred thousand years. The celestial sphere changes – constellations of stars distort.

Inspired by this effect and our ongoing futures foresight research, we created Deep Future.

Deep Future was an installation at Droog Amsterdam that celebrated the New Year and Tellart’s 15th anniversary, mixing traditional analog crafts with a drawing robot and data visualizations of the celestial sphere through the next hundred thousand years.

Our custom beeswax-printing robot drew 10,000 year intervals of future star charts on cotton, which was then dyed using traditional indigo dye process with the help of Blueprint Amsterdam. These scarves were sold onsite at Droog to benefit Voedselbank, Amsterdam’s food bank, helping those less fortunate receive a holiday meal.

The beeswax printer was assembled using a repurposed X-Y plotter mechanism, a batik wax pen and 3D printed parts.

The dotted lines on the interface visualize the pattern printer head's movement.

Pierluigi operating the printer during the exhibition

The printer in process of drawing the celestial sphere

Each cotton pocket square was hand-dipped using organic indigo