Museum of Future Government Services: The Smart City

Prime Minister's Office, UAE

Set in a life-sized “Smart Street,” this exhibition invited a global audience of influential government leaders and policy experts to step into the UAE’s vision for empathic, proactive government services set in the city of the future. Polished scenography, custom architecture, scents and flavours immersed visitors in an highly urbanised future permeated by intelligent, autonomous, pervasive technologies.

Visitors enter the 2015 Museum of Future Government Services through the Smart Street, where they are met by an augmented reality plinth that reveals the integrated system of sensors and services that enable the future experiences.

Service Prototyping Center Walking to the mobility center, they see a “pop-up” government ministry: a working lab where government officials can prototype and share new government service concepts. Currently on display in the pop-up ministry are three autonomous vehicles that reframe the concept of a “car” as a purpose-built, crowd-use use vehicle. The cars become “yours” when you enter them, but cater to your needs for the day: the service car brings government services to your door; the gym car allows you to stay healthy during your commute; and the office car maximizes comfort and productivity.

On the way out of the pop-up ministry center, visitors are introduced to the future of air conditioning: the “Personal Cloud” system, which uses sensors to provide cool air exactly where it is needed in a room.

Fitzania, a fitness game aimed towards children, provides targeted treatment and care for specific needs. Using gaze-tracking and a weighted sphere with advanced sensors, users get active with a multi-dimensional gaming experience involving multiple surfaces and an immersive, three-dimensional environment.

Visitors’ tour of the Smart Street continues with the PharmaCafé, a high-end spa environment with pharmaceutical capabilities. Users are given personalised healthcare in a relaxing garden environment, with misted drinks and therapies tailored to their needs.

The Learning Lab, a multi-use platform for continuing education in the city, lets visitors explore the surface of Mars in a massive, panoramic dome. Their virtual instructor guides them through questions and answers about the future Mars colony’s survival techniques. The Learning Lab could be used to educate citizens about a variety of topics, with timed content and events.

As they exit the Smart Street, visitors are given a glimpse of the future of constructions and repairs in the city, as exoskeleton robots and autonomous machines make repairs to the surface of the road.