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Materializing the future

Hands-on design with emerging technology

Tellart is an international design consultancy specialising in advanced product-service invention, experiential marketing and cultural exhibitions. We uniquely combine future foresight, design and engineering to imagine and shape the near future.

Embracing radical change

Technology is advancing faster than ever. In an AI-first world our cars, homes, schools, stores, museums will become increasingly intelligent and responsive. Tellart continually experiments with emerging technologies, translating them into tangible forms people can understand and use today—and that guide us to preferable futures.

Tellart Services
The Moral Machine exhibit at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Creating transformative experiences

Since 2000 we have worked with organizations around the world to explore the technology horizon, identify new opportunities and engage audiences in groundbreaking ways. As a full-service studio with offices in the US and Europe, we deliver projects of all scales, from concept to final product.

Invent new products

  • Design + technology research
  • Product + service innovation
  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • Immersive future scenarios
  • Future business models

Inspire consumers

  • Experiential marketing
  • Brand experience centers
  • Online + onsite consumer engagement
  • Immersive + multisensory experiences
  • Interactive stories + films

Tell memorable stories

  • Learning environments
  • Visitor attractions
  • Public installations
  • Institutional tech strategies
  • Museum exhibitions
Tellart Services
Tellart leads a physical computing workshop called “Designing Connected Experiences” at Resonate Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Photo courtesy Valentin Simonov.


Our work remains novel because it combines creative experimentation with deep expertise. Our clients gain access to Tellart's multidisciplinary team as well as our global network of prominent scientists, artists, technologists and subject matter experts.


Our clients are also our creative partners. Together we shape products and experiences that transform how people engage with the world.

Whatever your goal, we help you envision your future with technology and make it real.

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